Types of modern mattresses and their design features

Modern mattresses are divided into 2 types: orthopedic and anatomical. And according to the level of rigidity, products are divided into 3 main categories:

Soft – the softness of the mattress is determined by the thickness of the filler and the presence (absence) of springs.
Medium hard. Such mattresses are made from elastic and rigid components (for example, latex + coconut).
Rigid – these mattresses use a combination of reinforced springs with a layer of filler of natural origin – coconut coir, linen fibers.
According to the type of construction, mattresses are divided into spring and springless.

Spring models are equipped with dependent or independent springs. Dependent spring elements are intertwined in a certain way, and mattresses with independent blocks are more comfortable, since isolated springs more accurately repeat the shape of the human body.

What is special about springless mattresses? Some can be twisted, while others cannot. The advantages of a roll-up mattress: it is convenient to transport and can be stored compactly. It can also be vacuum-packed and after 2-4 hours the unpacked product will take the correct shape.

Springless mattresses also include water and air mattresses, but their preparation for transportation comes down to the fact that the mattress must be blown off and properly folded into a box.

The technology for the production of mattresses in rolls is something like this:

a special press compresses the mattress under high pressure, reducing its thickness by several times;
so that the mattress does not spontaneously restore its previous appearance, it is placed in a plastic bag, the air is pumped out and sealed;
the mattress is twisted into a tight roll, and then wrapped with polyethylene, which plays the role of a fixing layer.

As a result, it is more convenient for the store to sell a compact roll with a diameter of up to 50 cm and a weight of up to 50 kg, which you can independently pick up from the store and bring to your home. Also, if you are doing repairs and at the same time starting to pick up new furniture, then it will be convenient to store such a mattress – after all, when unpacked, it takes up almost no space.