Is it possible to independently fold and twist mattresses for transportation

We will analyze this issue for 4 types of mattresses: foam, spring, polyurethane foam and coconut.

❌ Foam mattresses. Such a mattress, rolled into a compact roll at the factory, is very convenient to transport on your own in a car, but it is extremely difficult to roll it up again. The fact is that in production, special vacuum equipment is used for twisting, which removes excess air and seals the product into a tight bag. You can roll up a foam mattress yourself only if its thickness is not more than 8 cm.

✅ Spring mattresses. Such a mattress can be rolled up for a short time if the spring block is not thicker than 15 centimeters. Unfortunately, in this case, too, there is a risk that the spring may jump out and tear the filler or skin.

✅ Latex and polyurethane foam (PPU) mattresses. They can be rolled up without a doubt. However, manufacturers recommend storing the mattress rolled up for no longer than a month. Polyurethane foam is a flexible and elastic material, artificial latex is characterized by flexibility and the ability to restore its shape, Foam foam is a filler designed for products that are resistant to torsion. All mattresses made from these materials can be rolled up by the user without fear, they will restore their shape and will not change their original technical characteristics.

❌ Coconut mattresses. It is strictly forbidden to twist products filled with coconut coir – the material is easily deformed, and as a result, the mattress will quickly become unusable.