How to start preparing for a move

To get started, select a move date with Please note that the loading of transport and moving companies is not uniform. Usually there are a lot of orders during the pre-holiday periods. Therefore, dates may be subject to change. The most popular time for moving among clients of moving companies is the first five and last seven days of the month (and without pronounced seasonality). Most often this is due to the end of the rental period.

Even if you decide to entrust the entire moving process to professionals, your active participation will be required at the preparatory stage. There are only two things you need to do: make a list of things to be transported and a checklist of moving steps.

When ordering a turnkey move (assembly, transportation, unpacking of things and their placement in a new place), first make a list of things: what we transport and what remains in the old room. A detailed list (indicating the dimensions and features of furniture and equipment) will help the moving company to properly plan resources, as well as accurately calculate the cost of the entire move.

Make a move checklist. It will help you determine all the steps that need to be completed, structure the work ahead and understand exactly where help is needed. With such a list, you will definitely not miss anything and will be ready for the fact that it is necessary not only to collect all things, but also to disassemble furniture, dismantle chandeliers or cornices and mount everything in a new place, pack things, dishes, furniture and appliances and so on. Be sure to include in it the selection of a moving company, the organization of the move itself (including the list of things and labeling mentioned above). The last paragraphs add verification of the contract and acceptance of the service provided. This will help you plan your move and save you a lot of time and nerves that could be spent organizing the process yourself.

Make sure that nothing distracts you on the day you choose to move.

Carefully approach the choice of a contractor company.

Before collecting, get rid of unnecessary things: sell through ad services, distribute to friends or neighbors, and throw something away. Some moving services offer safekeeping services. If it was not possible to sell some unnecessary things, but it is a pity to throw them away, or, for example, there is temporarily nowhere to unload the things being transported at a new address, leave them for storage with the same contractor.

Rewrite the rest of the details. This list will be needed when checking at the place of arrival. Packing and assembly is better to start with those items that you use the least.

You can calculate the cost of moving by phone with the manager of the company, providing a list of things that can be supplemented with photos or videos. But it is better to meet with a company representative on the spot, usually such trips are free. The specialist will take into account all the nuances: the need to dismantle furniture, the presence of rigging items or those that require individual packaging, study the access roads and layout features of common areas (stairs, elevator platforms). As a result, he will assess the “scale of the disaster” and determine the cost, which will not change during the move.