General pantry storage tips

When you have equipped your pantry for storing all types of things, it’s time to finally use it for its intended purpose. Here you will need the following tips:

Be sure to inspect things before storing them in the pantry. As in the famous meme, you can’t just take and put all the things there. Before storage, you will have to get rid of about a third of things – it seems that this is exactly the part that you keep at home for no reason. This includes all the things that are broken, as well as things that you no longer plan to use – admit it to yourself and let go of such things.
Be sure to sort everything. It is best to do this by thematic groups, and if you have things of the same category, then by size or color.
Zone the space in the pantry for sorted things. Zoning can be done using shelving rails, basket containers, curtains, and dividers – they are often used inside boxes.
Be sure to use the full height of the walls in the pantry. If in the living room or in the kitchen we cannot sacrifice the beauty and interior design, the rules of architecture and comfort, then you will not invite guests to the pantry and, in principle, you stay there for a minimum of time. So easily engage walls from floor to ceiling!

Combine different types and storage systems – as far as the area of the pantry allows. So you use the space in the pantry to the maximum advantage. It’s a good idea, for example, to combine a shelving unit with lightweight rag organizers that can be hung on side rails.